Corporate Headshots – Rockford Stone

Corporate Headshots – Rockford Stone


Rockford Stone is a company based in Middlewich that supplies a wide range of bespoke stone products to the trade. They have experience and expertise in abundance and they offer an exceptional customer service. I was asked to take some corporate headshots of their staff members on site and I duly obliged with my portable setup. The above setup shot shows how I’m now using battery powered portable flash heads which eliminate trailing wires, thus reducing setup time and having to ‘safe cable’ everything. A simple static 2-light setup and each staff member can easily move into position with the minimum of fuss.

Tethering wirelessly to my tablet enabled me to check each shot in real time and more importantly it allowed me to feedback to each staff member without having to move them out of position. This keeps the shoot progressing without having to re-set a scene or to have a client have to squint at the back of the camera.

With the session complete it was just a case of selecting the best poses and assembling the pictures to produce a printed frame with captions and a laser-cut mount which will hang in their showroom. A nice job shooting with some nice people.

©Stuart McLernon | M-PRINT Digital Imagery